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Christmas Music for Ronald McDonald House Residents Only

Bridge City Brass Band
Date: Dec 17, 2019 (Tuesday)
Time: 5:50 p.m.

1011 University Drive, Saskatoon at Clarence Ave

This is not a public concert.  It's only for residents at Ronald McDonald House.  We hope our Christmas music will add a bit to the evening for people staying there and staff.

Band Members: Bring your copy of "of The 120 Extended Hymns for Brass" plus your own music stand. Ian has agreed to conduct us. An outside group is providing a meal, this night, for the residents at Ronald McDonald House from 6:00-7:00PM. We will be playing carols from The Extended 120 Hymns For Brass Band which we use each rehearsal. If you could arrive at about 5:45-5:50, that should give us time to be ready to play from 6:10 to 6:45. There are approximately 30-40 people sitting having supper. We play off to one end of the eating area. With the large compliment of players we have, it will be important to play with balance and blend at a 'mp' to no higher than 'mf". We are playing for the resident families while they are having supper.